Tiny Angular application projects in Nx workspaces

Iā€™m excited to have just published this step-by-step explanation of how to extract assets, styles, and environments workspace libraries in an Nx monorepo.

Hit me with any questions or suggestions for improvements :grinning:

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Hi @LayZee thank you for the great article, it is super timely for a project I am working on.

Just want to let you know, I discovered when I tried the assets config, it seemed to work just fine on Mac but it did not work on ng serve command on Windows. I used the slightly modified assets config:

            "assets": [
                "glob": "favicon.ico",
                "input": "libs/angular/assets/src",
                "output": ""
                "glob": "**/*",
                "input": "libs/angular/assets/src/assets",
                "output": "assets"

For an Angular project. When I ran ng serve, I got:

> ng serve desktop-app-renderer
Schema validation failed with the following errors:    
  Data path ".assets[0]" should have required property 
  Data path ".assets[0]" should be string.
  Data path ".assets[0]" should match exactly one schema in oneOf.

After I changed the line "output": "" to "output": "./" the error went away. (Note: only for ng serve command, ng build command was also okay. Also, I am using @angular-builders/custom-webpack.)