RxJS: The Unexpected

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afaik, yet another difference between take(1) and first() - take completes observable, but first does not, so (first(),toArray()) will keep silence

I just tried that and it appears that first does complete the Observable just like take(1).

Here is a reproduction.

yeah, i had wrong info :frowning:

possible something was wrong with ‘identity’ so i did not receive completion, i remember that after i change to take(1) - it became working
sorry for misinformation

Amazing article as each one of the In Depth publications (thanks to Max Koretskiy and all amazing people here :slight_smile:).
Just wanted to say “Thank you Armen!”. That was one of the best publication on the topic recently read by me. One of the best ways to teach is by exploring the common problems instead of describing the “happy paths”. At least we learn by the mistakes most of the time. Thank you again and can’t wait for the next article on the topic. All the best.

@virto thank you very much for positive feedback, I appreciate it a lot :blush: