Make the most of Angular DI: private providers concept


That’s a very interesting, clean concept you presented!

9 times out of 10 if I’m fetching data in a component and piping it through an observable, I’m setting some kind of loading indicator. How would you go about indicating that the data is still in transit?

Hi! Thank you for your comment!

I use null in most such cases. For example, if you have a stream with items for a menu: an empty array means that there are no items and null means that data is still in transit

Hi. Very interesting indeed. Would you be able to put up some code showing how you would test that component and mock the provided token/services please - I’m not sure how that would be done

Hi :slight_smile: Great article, I try to create a token to get the params, to keep my component clean, but receiving the router params by creating an Injection token doesn’t work. The params within the factory its always empty. I try to subscribe within the component, and it worked.