Make NgRx hold Business Logic: Dumb components, Smart store

Here is the last article about our team experience using NgRx to handle business logic.
Don’t hesitate to check it and give me feedback for the review :slight_smile:

Hi Jeremy, did you talk to anyone about joining our Slack workspace for writers?

Actually, I didn’t know about a slack channel :thinking:
Would be great to join with you!

When I published my first article @m.koretskyi told me to write it and then post a topic here for peer-review. Did the process change in the meantime?

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DM me your email address and let me have our editor reach out to you to make sure you have the best onboarding experience :blush:

One very good alternative to NgRx is NGXS (
It saves you from all the boilerplate and nonsense for the entry programmer that is not very into Redux, and provides a more “Angular-way” path to program your store, queries and other related stuff.
I heard very good feedback from it and for a couple things I’ve been using it, it’s pretty easy and complete to use.

I didn’t know about this library, it looks interesting!
NGXS seems to make a good of annotations indeed, and also have concepts quiet similar with NgRx (except for effects).

I’ll definitively take a closer look, thanks for sharing :+1: