Here is what you need to know about dynamic components in Angular

Hi Maxim,
I know it has been some time since you posted the article and things would have changed since. Recently, we had a case where we need to compile components dynamically (we are in NG8), and when we tried to import JitCompilerFactory we got an error that it is not an exported member. I think NG team has removed the export of JIT compiler and for right reasons (IVY + AOT being default in NG9).
Keen to know what you think. And is there any alternative way to dynamically compile components. I am sure there are lot of teams out there who would have an use case to compile components dynamically.

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Hey Sudhir, that’s a great question, I’ll need to explore that before I can give you an answer. I’ll do some investigation next week and get back to you. Meanwhile other members of our community might chime in.

yup, just stumbled over the same problem. Is this already discussed somewhere else in some of the articles about Ivy? Or did the lockdown interrupt things?

not yet, still have plans to work on this