Angular + CSS Modules

Hi, congratulations for this article, very useful. I followed the instructions but I got an An unhandled exception occurred: Cannot read property ‘options’ of undefined error when I build with Angular 11, did I miss something?

Hi, I’m experiencing the same issue with Angular 11, apparently, the build fails the first time when trying to get the JSON files (I suppose the Webpack modules loading order is causing the search of these files before they’re completely generated), and then runs correctly on the second try when all the files are created. Did you find any workaround by any chance?

Hi @gcherem and @julietaflux, thanks for reading the article and letting me know about the Angular 11 issue.
Yes, as both mentioned there is an issue if we migrate from Angular 8 to Angular 11 because the configuration to extends the postcss-loader has changed.
I’ve just created a Pull Request that fixes the issue and now it’s working works as expected in Angular 11. It will be merged in master soon.
Please, let me know if the PR branches work for you too.