Angular 9 IVY enabled indicator on browser

I just upgrade my project to angular 9 and enable the ivy flag to true.
When I’m execute the project and I inspect the Dom I can see the angular version is 9.
Is there an indicator that can tell me that ivy is on?

Hi Ofir,

There’s an Ivy detection function in


I’m upgrading my Angular library to version 9 now and came across some issue. This post is really helpful. But I have some confusing point:

In the post, it mentioned that google recommendates " Continue to publish View Engine AOT-compiled Angular libraries for Angular version 9.". But and the very beginning the post it mentioned that "In the Template Compiler and View Engine era of Angular, we have been unable to publish AOT-compiled libraries. " ==> these two sentence conflict. How to understand it.

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Thanks for the heads up, @Chris_Bao. When I first wrote the article, I was of the belief that Angular had been unable to produce AOT-compiled libraries before Ivy. That was not the case, so I tried to correct the article when I became aware of this. Apparently, I forgot to correct it in that one place. So the recommendation is to publish View Engine library bundles as usual (with AOT compilation) throughout Angular version 9. They will be compatible with Angular applications using View Engine or Ivy because of the Angular Compatibility Compiler (ngcc).

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thank you for the confirm

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