Angular 9 IE11 loading issues

Does Angular 9 supports IE browser?

A questions which raised for me when I am trying to loading the angular 9 in IE. - it didn’t load( a white screen)

To check if there are any errors, loaded the f12- no errors.

Changed the version of the IE simulation to IE 11, IE 10 - it worked. IE 9 - it worked with some css break ing.

Can some one help me in understanding, does Angular 9 supports IE browser, would there be any issues if the app was moved to Prod env’s??

Welcome, @Madhav!

Be very careful about including appropriate polyfills Additionally, make sure to configure your browserslist file appropriately.

Try setting this option in your tsconfig.json:

  "compilerOptions": {
    "lib": [

And remove any other "es*" options such as "es2018". If your app can’t compile with this configuration, you’re going to need polyfills for Internet Explorer for the modern APIs you have used in your code.

TypeScript can transpile modern syntax to ES5 syntax, but it doesn’t include polyfills for modern APIs.

Refer to the official documentation for some additional guidelines:

Yes, Angular 9 does support IE11. I work on an app (since Angular 8) that is required to run on Chrome, FireFox, Safari and IE11. Project setup is key as @Madhav has said. Differential loading (introduced in Angular 8) helps as well. There is a also a ponyfill for using CSS4 variables in IE11. But IE11 does not support the Shadow DOM, so we end up using ViewEncapsulation.NONE is all our components and BEM CSS.