Angular 9.0 SSR is compiled, but I cannot publish it on the server

Hello to everyone,

I updated my Angular 8 project to Angular 9. I ran the command “npm run build: ssr && npm run serve: ssr”. It worked flawlessly and “browser” and “server” folders were created in the “dist” folder.

I uploaded these files to my server (Plesk panel). I set it to read server / main.js file with node.js.

It failed because it could not find “browser / index.html” in “dist” folder. I created a folder called “dist” and moved the “browser” folder into it.

Then it timed out, my project did not work. I run Node.js in development mode to see the error, but it says there is a timeout.


	import 'zone.js/dist/zone-node';

import { ngExpressEngine } from '@nguniversal/express-engine';
import * as express from 'express';
import { join } from 'path';

import { AppServerModule } from './src/main.server';
import { APP_BASE_HREF } from '@angular/common';
import { existsSync } from 'fs';

const domino = require('domino'); // kb
const fs = require('fs'); // kb
const template = fs.readFileSync('dist/browser/index.html').toString(); // kb
const win = domino.createWindow(template); // kb
global['window'] = win;
global['document'] = win.document;
global["branch"] = null;
global["object"] = win.object;
global['DOMTokenList'] = win.DOMTokenList;
global['Node'] = win.Node;
global['Text'] = win.Text;
global['HTMLElement'] = win.HTMLElement;
global['navigator'] = win.navigator;

// The Express app is exported so that it can be used by serverless Functions.
export function app() {
  const server = express();
  const distFolder = join(process.cwd(), 'dist/browser');
  const indexHtml = existsSync(join(distFolder, 'index.original.html')) ? 'index.original.html' : 'index';

  // Our Universal express-engine (found @
  server.engine('html', ngExpressEngine({
    bootstrap: AppServerModule,

  server.set('view engine', 'html');
  server.set('views', distFolder);

  // Example Express Rest API endpoints
  // app.get('/api/**', (req, res) => { });
  // Serve static files from /browser
  server.get('*.*', express.static(distFolder, {
    maxAge: '1y'

  // All regular routes use the Universal engine
  server.get('*', (req, res) => {
    res.render(indexHtml, { req, providers: [{ provide: APP_BASE_HREF, useValue: req.baseUrl }] });

  return server;

function run() {
  const port = process.env.PORT || 4000;

  // Start up the Node server
  const server = app();
  server.listen(port, () => {
    console.log(`Node Express server listening on http://localhost:${port}`);

// Webpack will replace 'require' with '__webpack_require__'
// '__non_webpack_require__' is a proxy to Node 'require'
// The below code is to ensure that the server is run only when not requiring the bundle.
declare const __non_webpack_require__: NodeRequire;
const mainModule = __non_webpack_require__.main;
const moduleFilename = mainModule && mainModule.filename || '';
if (moduleFilename === __filename || moduleFilename.includes('iisnode')) {

export * from './src/main.server';


	import { enableProdMode } from '@angular/core';

import { environment } from './environments/environment';

if (environment.production) {

export { AppServerModule } from './app/app.server.module';
export {ngExpressEngine} from '@nguniversal/express-engine';

export { renderModule, renderModuleFactory } from '@angular/platform-server';;

  "extends": "./tsconfig.json",
  "compilerOptions": {
    "outDir": "./out-tsc/app",
    "types": []
  "files": [
  "include": [


  "extends": "./",
  "compilerOptions": {
    "module": "commonjs",
    "outDir": "./out-tsc/app-server",
    "baseUrl": ".",
    "types": [
  "angularCompilerOptions": {
    "entryModule": "./src/app/app.server.module#AppServerModule"
  "files": [


  "compileOnSave": false,
  "compilerOptions": {
    "baseUrl": "./",
    "outDir": "./dist/out-tsc",
    "sourceMap": true,
    "declaration": false,
    "module": "esnext",
    "moduleResolution": "node",
    "emitDecoratorMetadata": true,
    "experimentalDecorators": true,
    "importHelpers": true,
    "target": "es5",
    "typeRoots": [
    "lib": [


  "name": "kodumunblogu",
  "version": "0.0.0",
  "scripts": {
    "ng": "ng",
    "start": "ng serve",
    "build": "ng build",
    "test": "ng test",
    "lint": "ng lint",
    "e2e": "ng e2e",
    "compile:server_bak": "webpack --config webpack.server.config.js --progress --colors",
    "build:ssr_bak": "npm run build:client-and-server-bundles && npm run compile:server",
    "serve:ssr_bak": "node dist/server",
    "build:client-and-server-bundles_bak": "ng build --prod --aot && ng run kodumunblogu:server:production --bundleDependencies all",
    "dev:ssr": "ng run kodumunblogu:serve-ssr",
    "serve:ssr": "node dist/server/main.js",
    "build:ssr": "ng build --prod && ng run kodumunblogu:server:production",
    "prerender": "ng run kodumunblogu:prerender",
    "postinstall": "ngcc"
  "private": true,
  "dependencies": {
    "@angular/animations": "^9.0.0",
    "@angular/cdk": "^9.0.0",
    "@angular/common": "~9.0.0",
    "@angular/compiler": "~9.0.0",
    "@angular/core": "~9.0.0",
    "@angular/forms": "~9.0.0",
    "@angular/material": "^9.0.0",
    "@angular/platform-browser": "~9.0.0",
    "@angular/platform-browser-dynamic": "~9.0.0",
    "@angular/platform-server": "^9.0.0",
    "@angular/router": "~9.0.0",
    "@fortawesome/angular-fontawesome": "^0.6.0",
    "@fortawesome/fontawesome-svg-core": "^1.2.15",
    "@fortawesome/free-brands-svg-icons": "^5.7.2",
    "@fortawesome/free-solid-svg-icons": "^5.7.2",
    "@fullcalendar/core": "^4.3.1",
    "@nguniversal/express-engine": "^9.0.0",
    "@ngx-share/button": "^7.1.2",
    "@ngx-share/buttons": "^7.1.2",
    "@ngx-share/core": "^7.1.2",
    "bootstrap": "^4.3.1",
    "chart.js": "^2.9.3",
    "core-js": "^2.6.5",
    "express": "^4.17.1",
    "jquery": "^3.3.1",
    "primeicons": "^2.0.0",
    "primeng": "^9.0.0-rc.4",
    "quill": "^1.3.6",
    "rxjs": "~6.5.4",
    "tslib": "^1.10.0",
    "webpack-node-externals": "^1.7.2",
    "zone.js": "~0.10.2"
  "devDependencies": {
    "@angular-devkit/build-angular": "~0.900.1",
    "@angular/cli": "~9.0.1",
    "@angular/compiler-cli": "~9.0.0",
    "@angular/language-service": "~9.0.0",
    "@nguniversal/builders": "^9.0.0",
    "@types/express": "^4.17.0",
    "@types/jasmine": "~3.3.10",
    "@types/jasminewd2": "~2.0.3",
    "@types/node": "^12.11.1",
    "codelyzer": "^5.1.2",
    "jasmine-core": "~3.3.0",
    "jasmine-spec-reporter": "~4.2.1",
    "karma": "~4.0.1",
    "karma-chrome-launcher": "~2.2.0",
    "karma-coverage-istanbul-reporter": "~2.0.5",
    "karma-jasmine": "~2.0.1",
    "karma-jasmine-html-reporter": "^1.4.0",
    "protractor": "~5.4.0",
    "ts-loader": "^4.0.0",
    "ts-node": "~8.0.3",
    "tslint": "~5.14.0",
    "typescript": "~3.7.5",
    "webpack-cli": "^3.1.0"

Hi Mehmet, which errors are you getting when trying to load the v9 site?


This is interesting. Because there are no errors. “npm run build: ssr && npm run serve: ssr” I am running this command and the project is running on “localhost: 4000”. When I throw the compiled files to the server, it times out and does not work.

When I try to access the site, I encounter the following screens;

When I performed “ssr build” with Angular 8, “browser” and “server” folders were created in the “dist” folder. Also, “server.js” file would be created in the “dist” folder. But there is no “server.js” file in Angular 9. I wonder if the problem stems from this?

I have the same problem “” in the project here. I think there is a problem with my server. But it works when I build it when Angular is 8. It doesn’t work when Angular is 9. Node.js version on server (Plesk): 12.4.0

There should be a file named


after running npm run build:ssr.

Do your scripts section in package.json look something like this?

"scripts": {
  "dev:ssr": "ng run angular-universal-v9:serve-ssr",
  "serve:ssr": "node dist/angular-universal-v9/server/main.js",
  "build:ssr": "ng build --prod && ng run angular-universal-v9:server:production",
  "prerender": "ng run angular-universal-v9:prerender"

Does npm run dev:ssr work?

There was no “projectName” folder in the “dist” folder. For this, I changed the required places from angular.json file and server.ts file.

I checked the scripts inside the “package.json” file as you said and made the necessary arrangements.

I completely deleted the “node_modules” folder. I ran “npm cache clean --force” and “npm cache verify” commands.
Then I ran the command “npm install”.

Then I ran “npm run build: ssr” command, it didn’t give error, I immediately ran “npm run dev: ssr” command, it gave this error: “

The reason for this error is caused by the lines “const fs = require (‘fs’)” and “domino” in the server.ts file. When I delete them, “npm run dev: ssr” command works without any problem. But when I enter “localhost: 4201” it gives the following error: “

I actually added “domino” and “fs” to fix this error. But I guess I broke the other while correcting one.
I asked as a question in PrimeNG’s Github warehouse. I hope there are solutions.

Thank you very much. I will keep you informed of any developments.

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Maybe you should set up a fresh Angular + Angular Universal v9 workspace and compare its folders and configuration files with yours.

Yes, I will try it last. However, a project that I found on the internet and running smoothly does not work on my server. So I think the problem is caused by the server.

Hi Mehmet,

I have the same problem.
Did you find any solution?

Unfortunately, no. I believe it is originated from the server. On which server are you trying to publish?

I tried deploy to IIS.
I will downgrade to v8 and deploy it :frowning: